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BJ's Celebrity Signs
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Fantasy ladies

Don't you guys just wish....

Virginia Hey of Farscape signed in person at Trek Expo 2001 in Tulsa, OK.



Alexandra Tydings, who portrayed Aphrodite on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, in a reproduction of a painting by Dorian Cleavenger. Signed in person by Alex and Dorian in Kansas City, MO in August 2000.


Ms. Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager. Autograph signed in 2001. This was a purchased autograph from Star Framers at Trek Expo 2001.


Persis Khambatta from ST: TMP. This is a purchased autograph in which the signature is in a dark area. Ms. Khambatta was never a common signature.


I'm not certain if this one is a fantasy or a nightmare. Kathryn Leigh Scott as Josette Collins from Dark Shadows. A purchased autograph.

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