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BJ's Celebrity Signs
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Anthony Montgomery Official Website - Enterprise star's official website. Includes information on legendary jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery

Autograph World - One of my favorite autograph sellers. They don't get any better than this.

Autographs 101 - A collectors educational site. A must-see because forgeries are rampant in the autograph business

Autographs Plus - Another of my favorite autograph sellers. Definitely honest!

BJ's Babylon 5 autograph site - Autographed photos of most major and minor characters on the TV series Babylon 5. Almost all are in-person autographs

CYSHP - Great autograph reference site

Edgar Mitchell Apollo XIV Astronaut

Hollywood Charity Horseshow - William Shatner's charity horseshow to raise money for kids

JB News - Enterprise star John Billingsley's official website

Matt's Celebrity Hangout - One of the best autograph sites you'll ever see. Addresses, authentic scans, you name it, it's here!

Official Jeffrey Combs Fan Club - The title says it all!

Official Julie Newmar Website

Sir Ian McKellen Official Website - The official website of Sir Ian McKellen, recognized as one of the greatest actors of our time.

Starbase 21, Trek Expo - Great convention once a year and a good autograph seller. Ebay user name is Thornton21.

The Official Anthony Daniels Website-Site from Star Wars C3PO. No autographs available here, but an excellent section on Star Wars forgeries!

The Official Connor Trinneer Website - Official website of the Enterprise star. This is probably the best place to find his convention appearances

The Official Dave Prowse Website - Official Darth Vader-Star Wars website.

The Official Dominic Keating Website - Enterprise star's official website. Convention appearances, autographed photos, etc.

The Official James Marsters Website - Official website of Buffy's Spike. Official source for information, autographed photos, and contact address

The Robert Beltran Official Website - Best place to get autographed photos of Robert Beltran

This is True - Strange and bizarre stories from the news

William - The official William Shatner website where you can interact with William Shatner and his daughter Lisabeth. Also purchase collectibles and autographed photos

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