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BJ's Celebrity Signs
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Now the Ladies!


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Remember that green Orion slave girl on the original Star Trek? Well, here she is as portrayed by Ms. Yvonne Craig who was better known for playing Batgirl on the old Batman TV series. So, for fans of both characters


Ladies of the '60's!

Here's Ms. Craig again as Batgirl. This was signed in person in Kansas City, MO in August 2000. If you will click on Batgirl, you will get to see one of my favorite websites!


And here is Catwoman from the old Batman TV series as portrayed by Ms. Julie Newmar--a true lady of the '60s. This one was signed in person at Trek Expo in Tulsa, OK in June 2000.


And here is a true lady of the '50s, '60s, and beyond--Ms. France Nuyen in a photo from South Pacific. This was signed in person at a Slanted Fedora convention in Kansas City, KS in March 2001. If you will click on France's picture, you will see another of my favorite websites!

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